Hi there. My name is Lena and I am a picture book illustrator. 
I have been drawing since childhood. All my last pages of notebooks at school were always doodled. My favorite book was “Bambi”; and I remember that I made probably a thousand copies of the illustrations from this book when I was a child. What a pity that my mother did not save them, eh …
But after school, insidious life took me in completely different directions.  In 15 years I have mastered so many various areas including hairdressing which I think led me back to art.
After moving to beautiful British Columbia from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in 2017, I was so inspired by this beautiful place that I started drawing again and fell in love with art even more and in a completely different way. I love spending my creative days inventing characters and worlds for them. I'm addicted to children's book illustrations and so excited to give warmth and joy to children and their parents through my illustrations.

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